Cell-based Assays

Cell-based assays.

There are plenty of things need to be considered while performing it, like type of reaction, incubation time and temperature, the correct time to add the reagents, the measurement setups, and most importantly, the reason WHY you are doing that particular assay!

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Easy Day Trips From Vienna

Life in Vienna was so simple and peaceful. There was no way I encountered a hectic moment. Everything was so timely, I could get to one end to the other end of the city within minutes. But, having lived there for 2 years, I could say that after the 6 months mark, it became quite boring. Also, not everything, or every trip was affordable for a student like me at that time. So, I made a list of places in the outskirt of Vienna but within the proximity of the Vienna train line, that I could go to for the weekend or when I had nothing to do. Here are my favorite ones:
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Things I Miss from Life in Vienna

"It is Thursday, the 6th of July 2017! Just another day of summer in Europe, and I am literally left with 3 days to enjoy my life in Vienna. Yes, the last 3 days of my time in Vienna out of 2 years, since I came in 2015. I received my master’s degree 3 days ago, and I am so excited to follow bigger opportunities in front of me. Of course, I will have to go back to Indonesia and finally start my PhD in Sydney. After this it will be a long time ahead to plan to come to Europe again and I never know when I will come back. So, I want to list out things that I will definitely miss in Vienna, things that I have enjoyed and what this beautiful city has given me. This list contains mixture of activities, places, neighborhood, landmark, and most importantly…food 😋😆😋..."

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