Mini-moon to Blue Mountains

Hello, I am back!

Finally, after being away for a month, I am back to my routine, my home, my desk, my workspace. But the difference is now I am a Mrs! Yes, I have been married for a month now and I would like to celebrate by writing about my mini honeymoon experience!

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Top 5 Essentials for Planning a COVID-Safe Wedding

 I feel like writing history here, since we have been currently living in one. The year 2020 has been restricting us in the many ways we live and have fun. Safety of course should be our priority, and when all rules got overridden by safety, there is nothing we can do but to play by the rules. If the rules says you cannot, means you cannot. But... you can always be CREATIVE so that you CAN!

Weddings in 2020 have been very dynamic, with each wedding being uniquely held, depending on the month and the time of the month you get married, and the restrictions applied at the time.

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My 4-Day Trip to Istanbul

Admit it! Life these days has been filled with longing dreams about holidays and thoughts about travelling again. Well, one thing that gives me the most hope, is thinking about how to spend the airline credit from my cancelled flight this year. We know at least it is going to be this way for the rest of 2020.

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My top 5 favorite SAMBAL

Happy Independence Day, Indonesia!!!

On August 17th 2020, my home country just celebrated the 75th year of independence. It is always so exciting to see our red and white flags put up everywhere on the streets, houses, cars, even pets; The euphoria that I could only feel unless I am back at home. My only memories of independence day celebration are the 2x ceremony at school, food discounts, red white ribbon for my pigtail, and prawn cracker eating competition.

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My 4 Day Cruise Experience

The 4-day cruise that I went to in January 2020 was my first cruise experience and highly likely will be the last one that I could have for an indefinite time until cruise ships interior are proven sterile 😨 or at least until travelling is allowed again 😕. 

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