Top 5 Essentials for Planning a COVID-Safe Wedding

 I feel like writing history here, since we have been currently living in one. The year 2020 has been restricting us in the many ways we live and have fun. Safety of course should be our priority, and when all rules got overridden by safety, there is nothing we can do but to play by the rules. If the rules says you cannot, means you cannot. But... you can always be CREATIVE so that you CAN!

Weddings in 2020 have been very dynamic, with each wedding being uniquely held, depending on the month and the time of the month you get married, and the restrictions applied at the time.

I remember watching the livestreaming of my bridesmaid's wedding which happened right at the peak of pandemic in end of March. It was still beautiful to be be able to witness as they tied the knot in their backyard. I read stories of other couples eloped, hired a celebrant through video call, or to the extreme, hired a robot with an iPad to walk the bride down the aisle.

So, here are some things to consider having at your wedding reception to still adhere to the current health and safety rules:

  1. Master of ceremonies (MC)
    The number one element to having a guaranteed fun and memorable wedding is to hire the right MC. If you have a friend who knows you and your fiancé well, and is willing to be the MC, that's even better. But if you don't, find the MC that shows his/her personality and is confident with their MC-ing style, rather than the MC who is willing to adjust to the style that you want.  MC is the glue of your event that binds all the guests, parents, bridal party, bride and groom. MC will also tell a bit of background story of the parents, the bridal party, and the couple and should have plenty of games ideas to make your event fun and interactive. MC will also be the one who advises what can or cannot be done, and reminds everyone to socially distance and to not get carried away dancing/standing on the floor.

  2. Wedding slideshow
    It is a must have entertainment for you and your guests. Plus, it is a good way to tell your love story, about how you met, how 2 families become one. For my wedding, my husband and I created a simple slide show comprising of our childhood photos, important life moments, and travelling photos. Basically, it is a beautiful timeline showing the important milestones of our life before and after we met each other. 
    slideshow wed-1
  3. Virtual or pre-recorded speeches and wishes
    It is highly likely that some guests, even family members are unable to attend due to travel restrictions. I found my mom and sister's speech delivered virtually were just as meaningful as the live one. Their videos were pre-recorded and played at a dedicated time so all guests were listening and raising their glass to the camera. It was a great experience for my family as well who were joining via the livestream from another country. Plus, your friends and family from abroad can send their wishes in a short video that you can combine for a more celebrated feeling!
  4. Livestreaming
    With many guests then were not able to attend physically, livestreaming the event via YouTube, Facebook live or Vimeo is a great way for everyone in the world to attend the wedding. Depending on the quality of the livestream you want and the wedding set up, you can start with using a smartphone on a static tripod, or multiple cameras facing different direction that can switch to have a TV quality livestream.
    screeshot wedding
  5. Fun games to involve all guests
    For my wedding, my MC suggested a couple of COVID-safe games that are still  interactive and entertaining, and will surely make your wedding reception more memorable for everyone. The game idea are the following:
    - Shoe game: The bride and groom sit on the dance floor and hold each one of their shoes in their hands. Them would ask some "Who" questions about their relationship, 
    - Dance off / music video game: with no dancing and singing allowed for the guests, this game is perfect to make them dance on their seats and just do some lip sync to the songs that bride & groom decide for each table. Bride & groom then decides which table performs the best based on creativity and to the song
    - Story game: the MC asks people (pre-determined) to tell stories about funny moments they spent with bride or groom
    - Kissing game: the MC asks couples (pre-determined) to kiss in a style that the bride & groom have to copy 😜. This can involve extreme dance and intimate moves.
    - Covid-safe bouquet toss using raffle tickets: MC hands out raffle tickets to all the single, unmarried guests. the tickets are then given to the bride & groom to pick randomly one lucky ticket that gets the bouquet!
    shoe game

I hope you find this helpful if you are thinking about planning a wedding or are in the middle of planning a wedding during this time. Things might still be uncertain and rules keep changing within weeks. My only recommendation is whatever you decide to do or have for your wedding, make sure that it makes you and your partner happy. That's all that matters! And here is to our one and only decision towards happiness and a new chapter of our lives!

Cheers! 🍷🍷🍷


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