hi! My name is Vina 😁

Welcome to my Blog!

This is where I write stories about what I do and all things inspiring throughout my journey in science.

I love science and I enjoy thinking about ways to unfold nature's secrets. In high school, I came to love molecular biology and physics, and the next thing I know, I am now a PhD candidate doing research on stem cell mechano-adaptation (be sure to check out my research page!).

Though like many women in science, my journey in getting to where I am now, has not been straightforward. I was born and raised in Bali, Indonesia, without having any role models in science.  After high school, I went to live in different countries, in Asia, Europe, then Australia, which opened many doors for me to diverse ways I can pursue science. My growing knack for research brought me to study mechanobiology in Sydney where I work today.

As I go further in my career, it becomes clear how mentorship and role models are crucial to nurturing your love for science and lifelong learning. So I am excited to share everything I have about being a scientist and pursuing a career in science.

Some of the things I like to write...

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Day job = Full-time Researcher

As a PhD, I spend my daily life reading, writing, thinking, and working in the lab. So allow me to write some reflection on the hardest struggles and the most rewarding thing that research can give - what it takes to be a researcher and my journey in building a career in academia.

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Women in Science

How women can make it in academia?

As one of the UNSW Women in Maths and Science Champions, I pledge to promote the role and contributions of women in science. From my peers to my mentors, there are many women that have inspired me to pursue my love for science.

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Academic stories

Stories = inspirations

My journey in academia sometimes involves me traveling to places, meeting interesting people, and coming across many inspiring stories. Those that stand out are usually the unconventional, non-traditional, breaking stereotypes, and out-of-comfort-zone moments that are worth sharing.