Top 5 Essentials for Planning a COVID-Safe Wedding

 I feel like writing history here, since we have been currently living in one. The year 2020 has been restricting us in the many ways we live and have fun. Safety of course should be our priority, and when all rules got overridden by safety, there is nothing we can do but to play by the rules. If the rules says you cannot, means you cannot. But... you can always be CREATIVE so that you CAN!

Weddings in 2020 have been very dynamic, with each wedding being uniquely held, depending on the month and the time of the month you get married, and the restrictions applied at the time.

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Finally, I got engaged! - A story of Chinese Indonesian Engagement Ceremony

Hi guys!

It has been so long since I wrote last time. Yes, the whole 2017-2018 has been a busy year for me as I tried to get my life in Sydney settled. I can say that now I am based in Sydney. It is my life now, being together with Eugene (My fiance) who has lived here for almost all his life. And having myself work as a researcher which I found much easier in Sydney as there are more opportunities here to pursue this career.
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