Caring for the environment with chemistry: Meet Farhat Ikram

Just a few weeks after the Sydney dramatic lockdown in 2021, I returned to the lab gleefully and was surprised by a new face in the office. I met Farhat for the first time when we were doing our chemistry lab duty together. She was a hard-working woman, passionate in her research and in creating an impact on the environment. I was drawn to her stories about how she made it to Australia from Pakistan in the midst of the pandemic. A year later I finally got the time to interview her and to learn more about her research and what it was like to be a woman in science in Pakistan.


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My experience in organizing a conference

"Life is beautiful not because of the things we see or do. Life is beautiful because of the people we meet." - Simon Sinek

Okay, I know this is late, but recently I have been overwhelmed with the world moving so fast and people catching up with traveling. The past few months were all about holidays here and there, conference this and that. Everyone seems to be planning their travels somewhere. It is exciting to be meeting our family again, new people, and network in person. So, I must reflect on the very event that started earlier this year that marked the first in-person conference and networking after a long time.

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Here is a short piece about the invaluableness of animals in medical research. Sometimes, public may find it hard to understand that animal use is very much needed in research involving translational medicine (like cancer or drug development) and cannot be entirely eliminated. In addition to carefully thought ethics and proper care for the animals, there cannot be enough ways to honour their contribution to science and medicine.

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Top 3 Favorite Popular Science Books

Popular science books.

Intriguing, beyond inspirational, and embody realism from which one can learn the origin many things present today.

They don't just tell imaginary stories like fictitious books do, neither do they explain facts like in academic treatise or report findings or explain data like in a science journal. Popular science books carry all of those elements, and present them as a prose, in an entertaining way and possibly understood by everyone, including people from non-science field and kids! Because of this broad target audience, popular science book can be written by anyone (even non-science fellows) who has the urge to tell a story about science, inspired by science, and is dedicated to write only the facts-checked and scientists approved science!

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