My 4-Day Trip to Istanbul

Admit it! Life these days has been filled with longing dreams about holidays and thoughts about travelling again. Well, one thing that gives me the most hope, is thinking about how to spend the airline credit from my cancelled flight this year. We know at least it is going to be this way for the rest of 2020.

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My 4 Day Cruise Experience

The 4-day cruise that I went to in January 2020 was my first cruise experience and highly likely will be the last one that I could have for an indefinite time until cruise ships interior are proven sterile 😨 or at least until travelling is allowed again 😕. 

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How to Explain Science to Non-Science People

The curse of knowledge!

Defined by Stephen Pinker as "The inability to imagine what it is like for someone else for not knowing something that you know".

So it is indeed quite a dangerous curse, and I am sure all researchers out there have it to an extent at any stage of their career. I could say that I was or maybe am still badly cursed, but I have been very aware of its presence since the moment I stepped into research. 

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10 Annoying Things That Can Happen While Working in Cell Culture Lab

Now with only 1 person allowed in the cell culture room at a time, I often work in the lab all by myself. It is fun to have all that space but I also realize these little annoying things can be even more infuriating when I have no one around to complain to! Of course they are harmless, but can you relate to these?

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Welcome to the research world! - Things I Do in The Lab

Finally! The university has reopened and I am allowed to be in the lab again! Things gradually pick up as we are still in "Phase 1 Return To Work" and that means I am now juggling a lot between lab and writing. But I really love it! It brings me joy to be in the lab again 😆

So, consider this post as an answer to all your questions and wonders what a biomedical researcher like me does in the lab. My research focuses on stem cells adaptation to mechanical stimuli. So, there are different aspects I want to study from the cells and lots of techniques needed to get different information, qualitatively and quantitatively. I could say that all my experiments revolve around the stem cells.

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