My 4 Day Cruise Experience

The 4-day cruise that I went to in January 2020 was my first cruise experience and highly likely will be the last one that I could have for an indefinite time until cruise ships interior are proven sterile 😨 or at least until travelling is allowed again 😕. 

I know how much travelling can bring so much joy and happiness,  especially when we know that we deserve a reward after a whole year of hard work. Planning for a holiday is definitely an activity that can keep us sane, stress free, and going that extra miles at work because we have something to look forward to. 

Now with travelling around the world seems impossible for the foreseeable future, I decided to revisit my last holiday photos and relive the fun moments I had in the Carnival Cruise Ship. The 4-day sample cruise is definitely perfect for a first timer or for a family seeking for fun and relaxing weekend! So here is the itinerary of the 4-Day Carnival Sample Cruise!


Day 1
Boarding the cruise (afternoon 2 pm)

The cruise boarding time was just slightly past lunch time. It departed from Circular Quay and Carnival Cruise can be easily identified from the red tower and the water slides on the roof. Unfortunately from the entry point, no alcohol can be brought inside the cruise so we had to leave the Rose that we specially bought for this occasion. We As we proceeded to the entrance, we were given passenger cards that also serve as key to our room. The dinner time allocated to us were also written on the card. Money can also be deposited into this card to make it easier to purchase anything in the cruise like duty free items, drinks from the bar, poker chips, etc.

After we dropped our stuff in the room, we were all required to attend a safety orientation where the crews showed us the location of the life boats and ways to follow in case of emergency. This took about 30 minutes. 

We were then able to explore the whole cruise. Our first was the level 9 deck where the buffet, family restaurants, and the pool were located. From this deck, we could take the outdoor stairs that would lead us to the sports area (basketball and football court, mini golf, and jogging track), the sunbathing area, and the water slides and the pool by the bar which was the adult only area. We spent the whole afternoon playing around this area, and took a hot bath inside the gym.

Afternoon tea time

Some section in the buffet were open to serve afternoon snacks like sandwiches, pizza, pies, and chips. Tea, coffee, and soda water were unlimited but juice bar was offered at an extra cost.






Dinner time:

We chose to have dinner at the restaurant at it seemed to be more worth it. Dinner was a complete 3-4 course meal and we could choose as many meals from the menu as we want! My fiance had the Irish stew and I had the grilled mahi-mahi . We had chocolate lava cake for dessert 😋😋😋



tiki tiki


lava cake

sago pearl pudding


Day 2 - Cruised further north towards Coral Sea
Breakfast time

We started the day with breakfast at the restaurant, which offered more variety in the menu. We had masala dosa, avocado toast on sourdough and Spanish omelette.


Than we went for a little swim in the pool along with other kids, and tried on the different the water slides. My fiance only tried this because I got sick from the cold wind at the roof. The slides were quite fun and worth waiting in the long line of kids. I then tried the gym , the sauna and the steam room. It was so cool that the ship had great facility and I felt relaxed.

Dinner time:

It was another night at the restaurant at they had another set of amazing menus. My fiance has a steak tartar and I had salmon with fritata, and some other sides like soup and spring rolls just because we can have unlimited of these.





cholate cake


Day 3 - Somewhere in the ocean and returned to Sydney (evening/night time)

The third day was the last day that we could spend wholly in the cruise. So we decided to participate in as many events offered in the cruise as we can. We started the day by going to the gym. We had breakfast at the buffet with other kids and families. Then, went to watch Dr. Seuss show, joined some 70s - 80s music trivia, dance activity, and the night musical show. 



Dinner time:

As much as we loved going to the restaurant for dinner, on the last night of the cruise, we felt very sick the whole time as the ship rocked hard back and forth because of the high tide. We figured that we both were sea sick and we did not even have dessert 😪. But, we still ate well and thank God for soup and rice!


indian thali

steak and onion ring


pumpkin soup


Day 4 - Arrived in Sydney (morning time 7 AM)

The ship was no longer rocking at around 5 am and that was when it arrived back in Sydney. We were given sometime to check out until 7 am. People were still allowed to have breakfast from the buffet but not the restaurant, and could still buy photos last minutes if they wish. I spend my final moments in the cruise by hanging out at the roof, drinking tea, eating breakfast pizza and taking photos so close to the Harbour Bridge!



Hmm... What a great stroll down the memory lane! I am sure considering this to keep my hope and faith that one day the world will be completely healed from virus and we are all able to travel and get together again. We can resume our travel plans, our work, and whatever that has been held back because we have to physically distance ourselves with each other. But for now, prioritize your health and the people around you. Just hang in there, wear your mask, and take care!





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