10 Annoying Things That Can Happen While Working in Cell Culture Lab

Now with only 1 person allowed in the cell culture room at a time, I often work in the lab all by myself. It is fun to have all that space but I also realize these little annoying things can be even more infuriating when I have no one around to complain to! Of course they are harmless, but can you relate to these?

1. Condensation on the flask or plates🌫️


Huff!!! How am I supposed to see what I added in there?


2. And even fogging up your safety glasses as you open the incubator 😵


Huff!!! How am I supposed to see things at all?!


3. Or this pipette end that broke and got stuck inside the pipette gun! 😠


I could waste my 15 minutes trying to get this out while my cells are waiting in the hood. So supplier please, could you design better pipettes and not just some cheap plastic wares?


4. Squirting ethanol to your face and safety glasses by accident 💦


No, I am not tasting some in my mouth!


5. When you are in a hurry and your hand hit the glass sash of the biosafety cabinet


Ouch! 😭


6. Medium bottle falls on the floor because it is slippery when you try to wipe it with ethanol


First thought: "Oh no my medium!". Later thought: "What a waste of time!"


7. When all the label markers on the tubes that you have laboriously manually labelled faded because of ethanol wipe 😦


Time to get a labeling machine! 


8. When you come in and find full loaded bin


Housekeeping problem! Remember people, do your chores and respect other researchers by emptying your bins.


9.when you have little medium left in your bottle and it floats in the water bath


Throw it away? or drench it with more ethanol? 😪


10. Finally, when the FrEeZER, INCUBATOR, or "Whoop whoop, evacuate now" alarm goes off in the entire building.


Goodbye, experiment! 😨 I am repeating next week!



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