A Somber Visit to Dachau Concentration Camp

 In July 2017, I had the chance to visit Dachau concentration camp when I was travelling in Munich. It was a memorable , a somber visit as I learned a lot about the world war history particularly during the time of Nazi occupation which has influenced the world we are are living in today. The buildings, the land , the whole  camp site brought out such cold, unfortunate, tormented atmosphere and everything took place there was clearly depicted in the museum and guided tours.

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Visit Taiwan in 14 days!

Hi everyone!
It has been so long since I wrote and this time I want to share with you my travel experience in TAIWAN. Earlier in 2019, my fiance and I had been planning and thinking about where to go for a holiday. We went to a travel expo and got inspired by the night food market, nature, and history, that TAIWAN offers. We wanted to see as many places as we can, that means we had to go around the island (anti clockwise) to check out the main cities on the west and east coast of Taiwan. All of this is possible to do in 14 days! So here is our itinerary:
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Welcome to the research world! - My job as a Research Assistant

Hello guys!

It has been 3 months since COVID-19 has put all of us to working from home. I myself have been inseparable from my laptop and desk, and I know this is actually bad for my back, ahha! Most importantly, this makes me miss my lab so much. As a person who is used to working in the lab, now all I can do is dream about those days when I can freely access lab again, checking on my cells, without shifts, or being questioned by lab manager about my presence. So, I want to share a story about my job as a research assistant (RA); a job that I had for 2 years (2018-2019), before I decided to enter a PhD program in early 2020! 
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