Easy Day Trips From Vienna

Life in Vienna was so simple and peaceful. There was no way I encountered a hectic moment. Everything was so timely, I could get to one end to the other end of the city within minutes. But, having lived there for 2 years, I could say that after the 6 months mark, it became quite boring. Also, not everything, or every trip was affordable for a student like me at that time. So, I made a list of places in the outskirt of Vienna but within the proximity of the Vienna train line, that I could go to for the weekend or when I had nothing to do. Here are my favorite ones:
1. Klosterneuburg
I really love this city especially the wine factory. It is so easy to get there by just taking the northbound OBB train from Vienna Franz Joseph Bahnhof, or the Schnellbahn S40 and within 30 minutes, you will arrive in Klosterneuburg city. It is a nice area to walk around. The best place to start is the Stift Klosterneuburg located in the upper hill. The monastery and the museum is worth checking out, plus there is a vinotheque or wine cellar. You can get a guided tour for all of these. The church nearby, the Stiftskirche Kolsterneuburg, is also a top spot for wedding which looks really beautiful as it captures the view of the monastery and the city from the hill top. Another interesting thing about this city is the flohmarkt (flea market) that always happens  on the Sunday. From nice winter wear to bed sheets or blankets in various size, you can find these for as cheap as EUR 5!!!
2. Laxenburg Schlosspark
This is a beautiful place to go for a picnic on Sunday afternoon, or if you just want to sit by the water in peace and silence. The Laxenburg Schlosspark is located in the south side of Vienna. The whole site consist of a huge park, a lake, the castle and the administration building/museum/gallery on the other side of the lake. You can hire a boat to cross the lake. To get here, you have to catch the bus number 200 from Hauptbahnhof Vienna. The bus ride will take 30-40 minutes and costs only EUR 2-3 .
     DSC05424   DSC05396   DSC05378
3. Neusidlr am see
Feeling like an active weekend? This is the right place where you can rent a bike and cycle for hundreds of kilometers into the vineyard and all around the Neusdlr See. The view is amazing, and in between you will find natural sources of water from the the rock hill (not from tap). The souther you go, you can even touch the border of Austria-Hungary. So there you go! This is the opportunity to cycle between countries 😉. If you go hungry, check out one of the heuriger that sells the cheese plater, pickles and unique fig or berries jam.
                           DSCF6009   DSC06164
4. Baden Bei Wien
This is definitely a good escape in the late afternoon where you just want to relax. A trip to Baden from Vienna is just 1.5 hour ride of the S-Bahn (S3). I recommend the Roemertherme Bad for relaxation in the sulfur spring water plus the sauna and spa experience. Spend a good 3 hours in this place and you will get out feeling refreshed and healthier. 
5. Salzburg




There it is, the beautiful city of Mozart! From Vienna it takes 2.5 hours by RJX train. There are many nice sites worth visiting in Salzburg such as the MIrabelle Palace, Fortress Hohensalzburg, The Salzburg museum, and the DormQuartier. Walk around more and you will find the Mozart's birth place! Make sure to end your day with an authentic Austrian dinner such as Spinat Knoedel (bread dumplings) and roast potatoes bacon with sauerkraut!
                                 DSC04512    DSC04513 
6. Krems an der donau and Tulln
These are the two small town that are quite interesting to see if you feel like sight seeing on Saturday. Krems has its own historical landmark called the Steinertor, a beautiful gate that welcomes people to the city. Along the Donau, it is very lively day and night. Tulln city is located in between Krems and Vienna. It is another small, stand out place, passed by the Danube where ordinary life happens in the garden, the riverside, the public bath house. It is a nice place to get away from the busy Vienna city.
                              DSC04530   DSC04537    
7. Bratislava, Slovakia
Oh so much fun to just get on the 1 hour bus ride an end up in another country! Bratislava has an amazing view of its bridge above the Danube that connects the west and east. The Bratislava Castle is also a must visit site where you can see the whole city from the above the hill. The exhibit inside the castle shows the history from the occupancy of the Kingdom of Hungary, the renaissance, and the Maria Theresa conversion. Walk a little further north, you can find the presidential park and the inverted pyramid building which serves as the Radio and Television Slovakia headquarter. Another interesting park to check out is the Medicka Zahrada with a bug fountain and nice flower arrangement. For food, definitely try the soup in a bread and the potato dumplings with goat cheese and bacon!
DSCF2143  DSCF2206   DSCF2275
8. Brno, Czech 
If you feel quite spontaneous, there is a direct yellow student bus that will take you from Vienna to Brno. I think the bus is called RegioJet, and each seat has a mini TV with selection if movies, as well as free hot drinks. The Brno city is quite unique and lively. The city center is filled with shops, restaurants with the feeling of a much Eastern European vibe of cream coloured houses, Gothic churches. If you follow the main road from the city centre, you will see the Old Town Hall, Liberty Square, St. Peter and Paul Cathedral, then the park where Spilberk Castle is located. One day is enough to enjoy this beautiful city, then, make sure to end you day by eating Czech sausage, sauerkraut, bread dumplings, and beer for dinner!
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I hope you get the chance to fill your weekend with these day trips! Which one is your favorite? Let me know and share your experience in the comment section below. Have fun 😁


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