Top 3 Favorite Popular Science Books

Popular science books.

Intriguing, beyond inspirational, and embody realism from which one can learn the origin many things present today.

They don't just tell imaginary stories like fictitious books do, neither do they explain facts like in academic treatise or report findings or explain data like in a science journal. Popular science books carry all of those elements, and present them as a prose, in an entertaining way and possibly understood by everyone, including people from non-science field and kids! Because of this broad target audience, popular science book can be written by anyone (even non-science fellows) who has the urge to tell a story about science, inspired by science, and is dedicated to write only the facts-checked and scientists approved science!

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Research: Expectation vs. Reality

It is obvious that real life does not always turn out what we expect it to. It applies to all the elements in life. Many things like school, work, career can be always perfectly planned but also can be instantly shifted, delayed or worse shattered, because of just like what COVID-19 has done to us all!

When I was in my undergraduate biotech program, I had so much interest in microbiology I thought I would one day have a PhD in virology and make vaccines. But opportunities came around and I took the risk to studying tissue engineering; as to this decade is still the state-of-the-art for growing/regenerating tissues. Although only few tissue engineered materials have been commercialized and reported successful in clinics, extensive research in the field holds a huge promise and carries an interesting multidisciplinary elements. And that's how I ended up in biomedical engineering.

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Top 5 Essentials for Planning a COVID-Safe Wedding

 I feel like writing history here, since we have been currently living in one. The year 2020 has been restricting us in the many ways we live and have fun. Safety of course should be our priority, and when all rules got overridden by safety, there is nothing we can do but to play by the rules. If the rules says you cannot, means you cannot. But... you can always be CREATIVE so that you CAN!

Weddings in 2020 have been very dynamic, with each wedding being uniquely held, depending on the month and the time of the month you get married, and the restrictions applied at the time.

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