Welcome to the research world! - What I do as a PhD student

6 months into this PhD program and I am enjoying it more than ever!
Things have really transformed to go at a slower rate because of COVID, but my world still revolves fast. I like how my role now has the element of both studentship and employeeship, and that's the best part of being in a PhD program. 
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Adventure to North East India - Part 1

My Facebook just reminded me about a post that I made 8 years ago when I was travelling in Kolkata, India. It was not meant to be a funny post at that time, but when I read it again including the comments, I laughed hard 😆😆😆!!! Such a funny thing looking back to the older version of yourself and what you are capable of!

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How to Make Okara Tempeh

My week has been full of soy and especially soy pulps!

Well, actually in the past 20 years of my life since I converted to "non-meat eater" , my family and I have been soy dependent. Having lived in Indonesia, all I ate for my protein was Tempeh and Tofu. My mom would also make her own soy milk because, yes, it is much more hygienic and less diluted compared to the ones you get in a bottle at the supermarket.

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My Greek food story

Hi Guys!
Here is my food story from my short visit to Athens, Greece in summer 2016!
My culinary experience in Athens was unexpectedly great. At first I though it will be just about yogurt and salad with mostly lamb based meat, (hahaa, I mean the kind of food I did not grow up with) but obviously it was more than simple olive oil seasoning! 
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"Must Try" Food Places in Vienna

Okay, this is something I find mandatory, given that I have lived in Austria for 2 years. To me, when you are travelling, or eating out in another country, it is not just about the taste that makes the food great. Taste is number one criteria, then also we look at price, portion, freshness and the most important is the “localness” or “trueness” of that food or how that food should be presented in the way its place of origin would present it. You sure know if some places look touristy by looking at the crowd, the translated menu, the photos ; that can be an indicator of tourist trap but that doesn't mean it is not "Local". 

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