About Me


hi! My name is Vina 😁

Welcome to my Blog!

There are 3 things about my life that I want to share with all of you: Travel, Food, and Research. 

I was born and raised in Bali, Indonesia.  I had lived in India for 3.5 years and in Austria for 2 years both for my studies. I moved to Sydney in early 2017, that's when I decided to follow the love of my life. So, my early 20s has been filled with adventures across Asia and Europe, and I still seek them!

I also love food. Both my mom and my sister (the Master Chef) are amazing cooks. I define my mom's cooking as Chinese-based with much Balinese influence. Whereas, my sister is the queen of dessert. From traditional Balinese to French, she could fuse multiple origins into her dessert. As for me, I love to discover food of personal story and replicate it in my own kitchen.

I am also a research student at the Graduate School Biomedical Engineering University of New South Wales, Australia. For years, I have been studying cancer cells and stem cells, and the many ways to engineer them, genetically or mechanically, to developing or improving therapies or tissue substitutes for regenerative medicine.

I am so excited to share the world the 3 things that I am passionate about. Most importantly, I hope all of you always remember to pursue your passion too!

Some of the things I like to write...



Adventures around the world!

I have always aimed to travel to as many countries in the world as possible since I graduated high school. Well, it is not just about ticking off the list. It is the journey and experience that matters. Follow my exploration in cities and villages, and the culture that they offer.



"Live to Eat", Not "Eat to Live"

Cooking and eating are inseparable when you love food. I am always on the hunt for a hearty, local, balance food that has a story of origin. Whenever I eat something yummy, I will try to replicate it at home. That's exactly what I want to share here - my encounter on food and my cooking.

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Day job = Full-time Researcher

Having worked in biomedical research for 5+ years, my daily life is spent mostly in reading, writing, and working in the lab. Here, I want to share to the world what it takes to be a researcher and my journey on building a career in academia.